Top Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of API(Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients),Pharmaceutical Excipients, Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Plant Extract and Nutritional Products.

Apollo Healthcare Resources is one of the leading suppliers of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API), pharmaceutical excipient and intermediate, pharma packaging ect. We provide international quality products at competitive price.

With over 16 years’ experience, we have built up an extensive network of manufacturers in China and South Asia. It helps us to provide our customers with first class service.

Our APIs comply with various international pharmacopoeia like EP, USP, BP, JP IP or CP standard and other required specifications. All our APIs are GMP or cGMP accredited and many of them are supported with DMF, FDA, CEP etc.

To optimize investments, every company in the world is aggressively trying to reduce costs by reallocating resources. Apollo Healthcare Resources not only help our customers increase their margins by offering competitive prices but also reduce their transaction & operation costs. WE HELP SOURCE AND DEVELOP SUPPLIERS FOR YOUR CURRENT AND DEVELOPMENTAL NEEDS. When you work with Apollo Healthcare Resources, we act like your extension, negotiating, verifying quality and supplying the right product at a competitive price and on-time delivery. Hence you really have no need to waste your energy and resources searching for new suppliers and manufacturers, we will take care all your needs and wants.

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